Monday, March 30, 2009

Element and Principle

I chose this picture because it was a very unique picture with a very unique pattern. The black lines surrounding a few of the squares really stood out to me.

I chose this picture because pretty much the whole picture is a shade of gray, and in the bottom corner there is a patch of very bright colors.

I chose this picture because because there is a small rock balancing an enormous rock on top of it.

I chose this picture of a Chinese buffet because where else could you find such variety. There is without a question over 30 different kinds of food there.

I chose this picture because in this picture there is four different kinds of races, all holding hands showing that they can live together side by side with no problem.

I chose this picture because it was a close up of a watch that the second hand is ticking away seconds.

I chose this picture for color because, in reality it is a very dull picture it only has two colors: Black and white. But I found this picture to be very interesting.

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